First Public Release!

Today marks the first time anyone outside a few close friends has seen this game! If you've made it this far you're probably more interested in the game than the average person, so here are some details about what's in the game currently and what I'm thinking about adding.

Current Features

  • Yuri romance/erotica. Some saucy scenes are easier to find than others, by design. Not because some are better than others, but some have a lot more build-up and romance, while others don't. Many more scenes and stories in this vein are planned. I call this erotica because it is not simply a bunch of hardcore porn images. It is narrative, descriptive, and arguably more sensual than that. There are no NSFW images in the game currently, but there likely will be in the future.
  • About 33 levels worth of progression in terms of experience gain. This is subject to change and balance.
  • Over 100 equipment and augment items to collect and craft, including weapons, clothing, accessories, and attachments. Many of these add new skills, and the attachments modify or even transform the items they are attached to. This isn't your typical RPG fare: there are things like handbags, bras, panties, and references to all kinds of games and other media. More of these are planned, especially for categories with fewer choices currently.
  • Unique clothing destruction feature. Characters can become "exposed" by attacks, meaning their underwear is showing. Exposure increases damage taken, removes certain staple skills and gives powerful Undies skills in return. It usually happens randomly and unplanned, but there are ways to induce it intentionally on friend or foe for strategic purposes. This is a core mechanic and will be expanded on in the future. There are currently no matching visuals for exposure on friends nor enemies, but both are planned. In the meantime, the system is fully functional.
  • Multiple story lines you can pursue at any given time. A "main quest" story line was originally planned, but is currently on hold indefinitely in favor of developing more personal and unique stories. These include various relationships between the characters in the game, both the four spirits and their human acquaintances. These stories will be a big part of the game. There will also be some unusual scenarios you may not expect.
  • Adventure maps with random encounters and gatherable resources. There are also gardeners that can grow resources (of any kind, ores, cloth, fruit, etc.) automatically while you're adventuring. These resources are used to craft the majority of weapons, clothing, and accessories. Augment items are typically acquired via a simple gambling mini-game. More mini-games and activities are planned.
  • An arena for quickly getting into battles from the earliest enemies to the most powerful available. This is faster experience and loot than Adventure Maps, but there are no core crafting materials available this way. The arena may be expanded or overhauled, but this is not a priority currently.
  • Two totally original character portraits (for Water and Fire), seen in the game's cover image. I made these, but the process is slow and inefficient. I plan to extend the art style to the other two spirits at the very least. Illustrations for story and erotic scenes will come, but are not the main priority at this time unless an artist is interested in the project. Get in touch on Discord: Winterfeed#1025!

Planned Features in addition to those mentioned above 

  • An entire flying castle filled with whimsical rooms to explore. The four spirits and perhaps their human friends can appear in various locations and open up unique scenarios and stories. The castle can teleport you to any time and place, so don't think you're limited to just a floating stack of bricks in the sky.
  • Equippable companions. Turn the other spirits or even humans into equippable items, which can serve as an effective sub-class system. Those people can then have more gear attached to them for even more customization.
  • More than the current four playable characters with 16 playable classes.
  • Challenges, such as solo, duo, or other restrictions placed on Adventure Maps, the arena, or something entirely new. Probably with unique rewards.

Thanks for reading and playing! I'd love to get any and all feedback on every aspect of the game. If you like the game, please share it with others you think will enjoy it as well.


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Aug 22, 2017
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Aug 22, 2017

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