Version Convention Change + New Content!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while. As I said last time, I have not forgotten about this game, nor have I stopped writing ideas for it and other projects.


I have uploaded a new version today with entirely new content in the form of a Puzzle Scenario! This is a new playable story found in the spirit of Fire's room. It includes one erotic scene, with a couple more planned. It is playable to completion, and any new scenes added after release will be accessible in older saves.

There is also new music across the entire game, including the new scenario! Many tracks have been changed, so it's worth replaying your favorite chapters to see what's different.

I have revised the version naming convention I was using, since weekly updates are not currently a thing. I would consider this project in an Alpha status. That means it is not feature-complete.

Finally, I have removed the custom artwork that I only half-added with the original release. I realize that having clashing art styles is a bad thing, and I'm sorry I left it that way.  You will either need to start a new game OR visit the dressing room accessible via each spirit's bedroom in order to get rid of the old artwork! Changing Water and Fire's clothes will update their graphics.


I have gotten some feedback on the game, and there are a few points I'd like to share.

  • It is not necessary to grind for levels or gear to access the erotic scenes. It is not my intention to lock non-combat content behind grind walls. The ones currently in-game are found by exploring the castle maps and the new scenario. Try talking to the teddy bear for more hints!
  • If one party member seems to be falling behind in levels, you can try fighting in the arena or adventure maps alone to catch them up. 
  • Weapons that add only Attack and not Magic Attack are best equipped to non-Offense classes, as only Magic Attack affects Offense classes' core skills. This will give you back-up sources of damage.

The Future!

I have a fun idea for what to do with the Arena that is currently in the game. It involves crossing over with another story of mine and gathering lots of unique characters together for various events, including battles. The first iteration of this tournament-style game mode should be in the next version! It will also provide a more consistent method of leveling individual party members if you so choose.


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Feb 12, 2018
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Feb 12, 2018

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