Welcome to the world of Undies: Undervalued Independent Elementals!

These four lovely ladies are the embodiment of the traditional elements of nature: Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. Together, they keep the world running -- more or less. Along the way, the four can get into all kinds of trouble and interesting situations. 


Each of the spirits has four classes, and you can switch between them at any time between your adventures. They fill the basic roles of offense, defense, support, and healing. You can mix and match different roles in the same party as you see fit.

This game features a unique clothing destruction mechanic. Any attack has a chance of "exposing" the target, essentially meaning their underwear is showing. This state lowers their defenses but also unlocks powerful skills. This applies to both the player characters and the enemies you face! A normally average battle can escalate into something more intense at any moment, and your tactics will have to be adjusted in order to beat the tougher enemies out there. Please note there are currently no visuals for this mechanic, though it is fully functional.

Along with the exposure mechanic, the game includes over 100 equipment items and augments to discover and craft. Many of these equippables provide their wearer with new skills, which can change up the way you play.

Future plans!

A lot of things are planned to be added to this game, and there are currently many placeholders in terms of visuals and audio. However, there are already several hours of gameplay, including hidden story scenes (and some of those interesting ones), some sprawling adventure maps to explore and gather materials, and an arena for quickly testing your mettle against the game's enemies.

Important note: It is not necessary to grind combat levels and gear in order to access the erotic scenes. It is not my intention to lock the "best" stuff behind grind walls. The combat and gear crafting is in there for those that enjoy it. It will be expanded into more compelling content over time!

For more on current and planned features, please check out my first Devlog for this game here! You can reach me on Discord, too: Winterfeed#1025. I now have a server dedicated to readers and players of my games, join it here: https://discord.gg/gqa2C4M


Controls: On the Windows version, keyboard bindings can be modified in the game options. Here are the default controls:

Cursor/move - Arrow keys, left click, one-finger tap

Confirm/Select - Z, Space, Enter, left click, one-finger tap

Cancel/Open menu - X, Esc, Numpad 0, right click, two-finger tap

Dash - Shift (can be made always on in options)

Full screen - F4 (browser mode retains default resolution for me, let me know if it's different for you)

FPS/Latency monitor - F2

Reset game - F5

UPDATE: Browser version is available now! It works on mobile too (only Google Chrome tested, some devices may not support certain sounds/music)! First-time loading can take a few minutes. Saves are shared with other RPG Maker MV browser games. Download version is for Windows, please let me know if you need a Mac or Linux version (these tend to be buggier and I have no way of testing them).


Yanfly - Lots of awesome RPG Maker scripts!

Bobstah - Perfect script to combine skill types into one menu!

Skotty TV - Amazing window skins!

Patrick de Arteaga -  Free music!

Freesound.org - Free sounds!

Install instructions

  1. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
  2. Run game.exe and play!


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Version 5 Jul 26, 2018

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